Automated processing of long-term supplier declarations

SAP GTS already provides you with an effective tool that efficiently enables the requesting and monitoring of longterm declarations from the supplier. However, processing the return of the completed supplier declarations still remains a manual and time-consuming process. Not only do all the supplier's details have to be checked for syntactic correctness and entered manually in the SAP system, it is also not possible to maintain additional information directly, such as the supplier part number or the commodity code.

Our "EasyLLE" add-on closes just this gap and optimizes your process! Instead of static forms that the supplier has to print and fill out by hand, EasyLLE sends interactive forms via email, which can be filled out directly on the computer. Similar to your electronic tax return, for example, all relevant checks are also included in the PDF form and the supplier's entries are validated immediately.

It is therefore possible to directly check whether the preference statement is syntactically correct and matches the specified country of origin or whether the specified commodity code actually exists.

Using functions available in the PDF, mass maintenance of many materials can also be carried out quickly and easily for the supplier. After the supplier has now entered and checked all the information, this data is sent directly to your SAP system by email at the push of a button and received there accordingly.

You always decide yourself whether and which information should be posted directly in your SAP GTS system and which data you would like to view and check beforehand in the EasyLLE Monitor. For example, you can specify that a changed vendor material number be updated directly in the purchasing info record, while a change to a commodity code can be accepted or rejected by you before the update.

EasyLLE is therefore the logical consequence for companies that already use SAP GTS today and would like to make their process for obtaining preference declarations more efficient and optimize it.

Highlights of EasyLLE

  • High efficiency and high time savings for processing and managing supplier declarations
  • Optimal management of incoming supplier declarations through automatic transfer of data to SAP GTS & SAP ERP
  • Fewer incorrect or incomplete supplier declarations due to feasibility checks of the content in the form
  • Automatic processing of the data can be controlled in detail
  • Can be extended by additional material attributes that should be requested from the supplier
  • No additional third-party software or data transfer to external systems

The solution


quick and easy installation of the EasyLLE software


request and monitor supplier declarations


automatic processing of data and saving in SAP GTS


uses EasyLLE as a central solution for requesting and processing long-term supplier declarations from all relevant companies in the group.

By additionally processing the commercial origin, the supplier material number and the commodity code, a simple and efficient process could be established for the group when processing the returns.


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