Automatic tariff and product classification with
SAP GTS and the Classification Suite

As an international company, you will be more than familiar with the challenges of tariff and product classification. All products that you procure or sell internationally must be classified in accordance with the different customs tariffs and checked against the various import and export regulations.

The Classification Suite, as a certified add-on for SAP GTS, supports you in exactly this process.

By linking and utilizing a wide variety of product information from your systems, both tariff and product classification can be simplified and even fully automated.

Highlights of Classification Suite

  • Automated tariff and product classification for your products
  • Generation of the customs goods description of your products
  • Detailed logging of all decisions made by Classification Suite and your employees
  • Systematic checking of existing tariff & compliance classifications
  • No additional third-party software or data transfer to third-party systems
  • Direct use of your existing and proven authorisation concepts

Testimonials about the
Classification Suite

»The Classification Suite impresses with its ease of use and a complete overview of all required data and features. The customs product description and the tariff classification are managed jointly and extensive checks and evaluations can be created easily and conveniently.«

Mathias Kraus, Head of Corporate Customs at Schaeffler AG

»The Classification Suite impresses in the daily work through their reliability and their high user-friendliness. We have found a sustainable, Group-wide solution for different areas of law.«

Mario Horjak, Compliance Manager of ANDRITZ

»The Classification Suite is the ideal add-on for SAP GTS for the systematic review and/or automation of customs-related master data.«

Tobias Arndt, Head of Logistics, ebm-papst

Successful in use


Through the implementation of the Classification Suite, AMAG was able to achieve 100% automatic tariffing of finished products for Europe, the USA and China within 6 weeks.

Encouraged by this success, the solution was directly rolled out for other material types and now also tariffs large parts of intermediate products fully automatically.


Since 2018 ANDIRTZ has been using the Classification Suite to simplify and automate the tariffing and compliance classification of its material masters in Europe.

Since the end of 2019, a worldwide rollout of the solution has been taking place in more than 60 selected companies of the ANDRITZ Group, thus establishing a uniform, simple, and efficient process.


With the Classification Suite, we were able to establish a very efficient and simple process for Belimo for the tariffing of the commodity code in Europe.

Recently Belimo has also started using the Classification Suite to automatically generate a clear customs description of its products.


With the Classification Suite, BPW can not only simplify and automate the tariffing and classification of its products for Germany, but also generate a speaking, customs-related, goods description for the products.


ebm-papst uses the Classification Suite as a group-wide solution to automate the tariff and compliance classification, and generation of meaningful customs product descriptions.

By using product inheritance within the Classification Suite, EBM-Papst was able to ensure that even manual decisions made by one of the companies would result in a group-wide uniform valuation of materials.


The Classification Suite enabled ElringKlinger to automate the classification of its products for Europe and Switzerland to the greatest extent possible.

Within this framework, simple and comprehensible customs commercial description are also generated, which are used fully automatically in the company's SAP GTS customs declaration.


With the Classification Suite, Evonik has been able to simplify, harmonize and automate the global tariffing and classification of products in SAP GTS.

The solution has now been rolled out to a wide variety of regions around the world, providing the basis for global, secure and efficient foreign trade.


GEA is one of the world's largest system suppliers for the food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries. GEA's portfolio includes machinery and equipment as well as sophisticated process technology, components, and comprehensive services.

For the worldwide tariffing and classification of products in SAP GTS, GEA uses the Classification Suite as a group solution.

Heckler & Koch

Heckler & Koch is a leading global manufacturer of handguns with firm roots in Germany. For more than 60 years, the company has been a reliable partner for security forces, police and special operations forces of NATO and NATO-associated countries.

Heckler & Koch uses Classification Suite to make tariffing and classifying of their products easier, more efficient and safer.


LAPP is one of the world's leading providers of cables, leads, cable accessories and systems of the highest level of quality.

For several years we have been supporting LAPP in the implementation and mapping of new processes in all areas of SAP GTS.

LAPP uses the Classification Suite for automatic tariffing in different countries worldwide.


Since 2018, Schaeffler has been using the Classification Suite to tariff and classify more than 33 million materials in SAP GTS in a simplified and automated manner.

The Classification Suite not only tariffs and classifies Schaeffler products, but also generates an individual, customs commercial goods description for each individual product in the world's most common languages such as English, German and Chinese.

In the meantime, the solution has been rolled out to various regions of the world and thus provides the basis for simple and efficient foreign trade worldwide.


Zollner Elektronik AG is one of the leading EMS service providers in the field of contract manufacturing of electronic components and has been developing cross-industry and cross-technology solutions for the future quickly, flexibly and with the highest level of personal support for more than 5 decades.

In order to meet the high requirements and wishes for automation, Zollner uses the Classification Suite for automatic tariffing in SAP GTS.


Success Stories

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