Software consulting and development
SAP Global Trade Services

We can help you successfully adapt the system to meet your specific needs and requirements and to integrate it in your business processes.

With our experience from over 100 foreign trade projects in the last ten years, we can not only look back on the successful implementations of the standard functionalities, we have also built up extensive knowledge of the challenges and solutions of a wide range of industries.

We incorporate this know-how into every project so that, together with you, we can not only introduce a secure and stable IT system, but also establish meaningful and efficient foreign trade processes that meet the needs of your daily work.

Through our market-leading add-ons and project solutions, we also offer you solutions for special challenges that expand and round off the SAP GTS functional scope.

The features of SAP GTS are divided into different services
which we’ll be more than happy to support you in.

Compliance Management

Fast and secure export control with SAP GTS

Customs Management

Electronic customs declarations
with SAP GTS

Risk Management

Origin of goods and preference processing with SAP GTS

Fast and secure export control
with SAP GTS